“Let the sun do its shining for you”
Why Solar?
The Solution

Going solar is environmentally, socially and economically friendly, allowing you to contribute to your country by privately producing 100% green renewable energy without releasing harmful CO2 or other pollutants. Not only does it help you to cut your ecological footprint, not only does it help you to close the energy gap, not only does it help you to reduce your electricity bills, but beside all that you are also creating your independence from the grid to manage and maintain your own energy system.

10 Good Reasons to Go Solar
• Independence from grid outages by owning local production of energy
• Large financial savings by decreasing energy bill
• Secure & Long life time Investment (at least 25 years)
• Reliable and safe
• Easy & Quick to Install/Use
• Maintenance Free
• Adaptable to customer’s needs and/or budget
• Upgradable
• Environment Friendly (sustainable, no noise, no pollution, no waste, etc.)
• Socially Friendly (reduces the energy gap)