“Let the sun do its shining for you”
Why Solar?
The Problem


'' The yearly total irradiation by the sun on the total surface of the earth equals approximately 10.000 times the total worldwide energy demand during one year? ''

In this age of high energy demand renewable energy is an innovative solution that sets you free from high-energy costs, adds value to your home or business, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy systems are reliable and pollution free. Consider solar energy as a wise long-term investment. Energy from the sun is always free, regardless of electricity rate increase, fluctuating oil and natural gas prices. And it always shines.

Suffering from:
• Rising oil and gas prices
• Constant power outages due to instability in the country
• Noisy diesel generators and green house gas emissions

Our offer:
• Free energy (help yourself)
• Save energy (help your country)
• Clean energy (help the world)