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On-Grid & Hybrid Systems

On-grid Systems:
During the Day, the PV solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. This electricity, through the inverter, can be used to provide your home/premises with power. If more power is needed than that provided by the PV system, we use smart inverters that take up the difference from the grid. If less power is needed, the inverters will push back the abundant power into the grid and the electricity counter spins back.

On- Grid Hybrid Systems (with backup):
To overcome the eventual cases of grid power outages during daytime, the PV on-grid system can be designed to provide the necessary power. However, when the power outage occurs at night, the PV system can be equipped with batteries that would be charged from the system during daytime, or from the grid. Those batteries would provide the needed power for local consumption. Smart two-way inverters/controllers are responsible for the management of the energy sourcing during day or night, in the most economic yet convenient way. The local user would not even feel the transition.